The connection from one device to another is made through the internet unlike the old day when people used to send information through the use of birds and other used to send information through sending of a messenger to the place he is supposed to take the information and the bring back the feedback to the one who sent him all this s done at a very fast speed internet as compared to other old mediums used to pass information.  Read this article to know about Beyonce demon face.
Beyonce who is an influential artist has been noted several times and noted to be involved in demonic spirit in their music that she shares with his fans, this is why as a group of parents it is important to know the kind of influence that the music that they are watching and the ones that their children are getting exposed to has this kind of influence and they should not allow the their children should watch.  As a blogger you need to know about Beyonce satanic.

Katy Perry admits she sold soul, you will be sure that your blog will go viral as everyone will want to know more about what Katy Perry meant by that when she said that this is because she is an idol to many people and people are involved in following her as they are loyal fans of what she has to sell to the people as well as they are influence b her and many will want to know what is the next move so that they can get to the place where they can follow what she has done.  Check out this post to get more info on the topic:
 Reasons Why Blogs Are Important In People’s Lives Today